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The Chester cottage which inspired John Lennon to write a Beatles classic

An unassuming cottage nestled beside the banks of the River Dee in Chester holds a special Beatles connection to the city famed for its heritage. This charming property, reputedly once a tavern for weary fisherman to gather and enjoy a drink, has the curious name ‘Nowhere’.

It has been the subject of much curiosity and speculation over the years, with people wondering why it came to have such a quirky name. Nowhere sits on the banks of the River Dee in Handbridge, near to the Grosvenor Bridge, and is believed to have formerly been two cottages which were converted into one. Click here to read more.

Famous Whitby ship The Endeavour for sale costing £5m but it could earn you a tidy sum

One of Whitby’s most recognisable ships and iconic tourist attractions has gone up for sale setting the buyer back £5m.

The Endeavour, built and launched in Whitby, was famous for taking Yorkshire-born Captain James Cook and his crew on their voyage to discover the world in the 18th Century. Click here to read more.

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